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A stick up slashdot

Is it just me or does the majority of Slashdot have a stick up their collective butt? It seems they find something to disagree with and they attack it for all its worth.

For instance, Computer Science Majors/Degrees. Any time someone says they're a computer science major/graduate, everyone jumps down their throat for being "bad", but no one really says why it's "worthless". What is up with that, and why is it worthless? From what I've heard of Computer Science it's exactly what I'd be interested in.

Then there's MySQL. Someone asked 'MySQL vs PostgreSQL' and virtually everyone jumped down MySQL's throat, and even the ones that defended it for 'certain situations' got jumped on. What the heck is up with that? I've been using MySQL for a long time and I can't say I've had that big of a problem with it. A lot of the berating was for trunicating strings and numbers longer than the field rather than throwing an error. Excuse me, shouldn't you be checking for that in your program code anyway, or are you just being a [insert several choice words] lazy coder?
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