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In the past week I've had no less than five people gush over me. Admittedly, one is my sister and another is my boyfriend, but the other three still have me somewhat baffled.

I told my sister and brother that I'd be moving this weekend regardless of what UC says. My brother's response was asking if I was going to get a burger flipping job, and I don't remember if that was claused with "if you don't get into UC" or not. He wasn't really negative about it, but it didn't exactly inspire either.

On the other hand, my sister's response was to try to talk me out of moving (much like she tried to talk me out of applying to UC). She asked like half a dozen questions in a row without waiting for an answer. Half of those questions I didn't have answers for, at least none that would ever satisfy her, so it was just as well she forgot them when I asked her if she even wanted an answer to any of them since she didn't give me time to answer them before asking another question.

My sister wants me to keep answering the phone for the business even after I move. So the deal is I'll be looking for a cellphone company that accepts unlimited incoming calls, although I'm not entirely certain if I'm supposed to be looking for them here or there.
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