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Fastly Fading Dreams

I had a couple of rather interesting dreams last night. I'm already forgetting the first one because I had gone back to bed after it. Humm...

Well, the second dream had a few highlights I can still remember but they're fading fast. The first thing is that Le was in it. I'm not sure how this became public knowledge in the dream but his penis head was virtually falling off; it was only still attaching by a fraction of an inch on one side (think nearly-headless Nick from Harry Potter). Much later in the dream my dad gave me a pamplet he meant to give me years ago. It contained rules of the house, and one of them was about what is allowed food and unless you had serious problems with that food that's all you were supposed to eat. The items were green beans, mashed potatoes, and a few other basic items he always liked. I told him that if anyone stuck to only that for even a week they be so disgusted of it afterwords that they'd never want to eat it again. I told him you can get cans of peas, corn, and other vegetables, or get a can of tuna and a box meal for less than two or three dollars. He seemed skeptical that what I was saying would be any good, but ... *shrug*.
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