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Dream Story: Career Theif

Looks like most of my posts are going to be about my dreams now. More on why that is later in another post, if I can remember all the details at the same time while sitting in front of the computer and not walking down the grocery store where I can't write it down.

So in this one I'm part of a group of people around my age. The story revolves around us stealing things from transportation, like 18 wheelers and busses. The first robbery goes just fine and we take what we were after (not that I can remember what it was anymore). The second robbery isn't so fortunate.

In the second robbery we stopped a school bus loaded with kids and tell everyone that if they just relax and don't try anything they'll be fine. We give a "otherwise" but the details of the threat are lost to me as it was mostly only a mocking threat gesture. We tell the bus driver to sit with the kids and then we drive the bus the rest of the way to the school. Once in the school unloading zone we're the only ones there as the bus is considerably early. We offload most of the kids but a few elect to stay on board for whatever reason.

For some reason we just sit there arguing about who-knows-what. We argue for so long that another bus has arrived and things start looking dicy for getting out of this operation. A few of the other members opt to try to blend in with the school kids and get away from there, but there's still a matter of the bus (which seems to be of some importance to us, not that I know why). We move the bus into the out lane while the other bus is coming in so they can't see us. When they're unloading their kids we take the bus out, but right before leaving the school gate the rest of the group gets out and leaves me to drive the bus.

I take the bus down a few side roads and then slowly off-road down a slopping hill until it's a good little ways away from direct sight from the roads. It's right next to a deep stream on a narrow ledge saddled on the side of the steep hill behind a giant tree. I notice a road to the right with a traffic light on a pole with an abandoned look, but the bus behind the tree can't be seen from it so I figure I can use that road to get out with the bus at a later time.

I then head back for the school to blend in with the kids. That's when I wake up (with a rather urgent need to pee).

What's really odd is that this dream and the one a few posts back (not the one with Le in it) were accompinied with a large sense of hopeless and helplessness to the end of being caught and whatever that entailed (dragged away and imprisioned in this one, and just being shot and/or tortured in the previous one).
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