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PVR the PC

I'm thinking of setting up a PVR on this computer so that I can record shows to DVD for later viewing. I do have a spindle of 25 DVDs just sitting here, after all, and that sounds like a decent usage for them. Each one can hold 4.7 GB (6+ 700MB files) or 2 hours of video (according to the front of the DVD). I could record about 50 hour-long shows if I make it DVD compatible, or 150 to 200 hour-long shows if I use simple data storage. Hmm, now I'm leaning toward the data storage method but it won't be playable on a DVD player. Decisions, decisions.

Last night's presentation of Hercules on SciFi was rather interesting. It presents the notion that Hercules isn't the son of Zeus but just some random (strong) crook. I could go on the say that it shows parentage doesn't make the child, but we're not going to go there.
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