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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Back to the wired life for me
It looks like I just lost my wireless capabilities, and Windows along with it. One of little blocks in the wireless USB device came off so it doesn't work anymore. I tried taping it into place but that only worked for a microsecond before replacing the plastic cover jarred it out of place. I removed it and restarted Windows for the umpteenth time, but now all I get is a blue screen of death saying it can't access a device and that I need to run Windows setup again. I've tried loading it into safe mode, but that doesn't help because almost every device on the system is listed two or three times so I have no idea what to do from there, not to mention none of the devices (e.g. the CD drive or Ethernet card) work from safe mode.

So, I'm stuck in Linux now. I don't have an official Windows 98 [SE] CD, even though I have the license to own one. I'm not sure what happened to my Windows CD.

If anyone happens to have a spare version of Windows laying around I'd be very grateful.
Update: Nevermind. I looked up the problem file on Rob's mac and it turns out uninstalling ZoneAlarm fixed the problem. I assume it had something to do with the USB device not working.

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raist_ From: raist_ Date: November 7th, 2005 11:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Firewall interjects itself via rootkit and captures network device.

Said device disappears. Firewall (and therefore OS, as it's one and the same at this point) freaks out.

Zone Alarm has issues like this.

The reason you have 2 to 3 copies of all your devices floating around is because Windows stores every device ever installed. In normal mode, you only see what is currently installed. In safe mode, you can see everything (and therefore remove everything).

And FYI, you can get to safe mode with ethernet. You have to do a custom loading of Windows drivers is all. My boss once showed it to me in order to get around the network login prompts in 98.

XP doesnt have these freaking out issues, btw. 2k does though.
mrtrblmkr1 From: mrtrblmkr1 Date: November 19th, 2005 01:40 am (UTC) (Link)
i agree with above said user.

i'll be glab to hand you a [just recently purchased unused *teehee*]
copy of xp :P

any flavor,
home, pro, media center, sexy center, fugly pro, skinny pro, anorexic XP,
nasty xp, CLEANp, your mom;
anything :D
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