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Long story not made short

I'm writing this from my sister's computer, which is actually my brother's old laptop hooked up to a monitor on the desk my computer was on.

I made it safely to Jackson and from there to Dyersburg. After I had gotten off the bus, though, while carrying the two heavy banana boxes I couldn't get enough lift over part of the parking lot and fell. It feels like I strained a few muscles in my arms so for now I'm trying not to do any heavy lifting for a day or two; that means the banana boxes will sit in the living room until we get back from vacation.

At the Nashville bus station, while waiting for the bus transfer, I noticed a cute guy that had many of the makings of someone that would be gay. The glasses, the coat, the face, the hair, the luggage, and he was cute to boot. Once the line started moving he was only a few people ahead of me so once on the bus I decided to be bold and asked if he minded if I sit in the seat next to his, to which he didn't. At that time several of the rows didn't have anyone in them so I could have picked one of those, but what the heck.

The first half of the time we were on the bus it was slow going because not only did we pull out almost thirty minutes behind schedule (they needed three buses to fit everyone and I was on the third bus) but there was a lot of traffic in Nashville on the way out. We slowly talked a few minutes after we first got on the bus and then he put earphones on and listened to his iPod. I think the genre was rap and possibly rock, with at least one song sounding like Eminem. During this time I used any turn of the bus to result in contact if I could, hopefully without raising too much supicion.

About fourty minutes into the drive the bus slowed down and pulled to the side of the road ahead of another Greyhound bus on the side of the round. The driver got out and checked on the other bus but when he came back a few minutes later he didn't tell us what was going on, so we can only speculate the other bus broke down. The guy, having been asleep, asked what was going on and if I knew where we were. I told him about the other bus and that I thought I saw a sign say Jackson - 45, however I couldn't be sure since we were going by too fast. Our conversation went to other things like where he was going, who was picking him up, where I had moved from/to, where I was from, where he lived, etc. There was one question that ended my enjoyment of the situation; He said something about his wife (family?) picking him up. So, after a little while he went back to the iPod and I just sat in silence for the most part, drifting in and out of sleep occasionally (usually resulting in the sudden drop of my head in one direction or another waking me up again).

I can't say I was entirely happy with the situation (I was trying to flirt with a straight guy, and I doubt he would have appreciated it if I had laid it on any thicker or had actually tried to get closer without so much as an acknowledgement of what I was doing), but it's not like I'm looking for a date or anything. Right now all I want is something casual. Touchy feely, perhaps, but not serious or even sex. I guess I want the thrills but not the chills. Actually, that makes no sense; it just rhymes so I said it.

It's already two in the morning and we have to get up around six or seven to leave by eight or nine. I better get a few hours of sleep now. Ta-Ta.
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