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One weird evening...

Oh man... I had a weird evening. For starters I talked to John John, someone I haven't talked to in a long time cause he goes to church and I don't. Now, don't you go getting those odd looks at me, lol. He is still wearing those tight cloths, although that is at least partially because of his parents. The boy definately has muscles, been working with automotives. Still quite talkative as well. We played a game of chess and I'm fairly sure I gave him the game... now everyone, but me, isn't going to hear the end of it, lol.
I'm currently trying to figure out what kind of letter I want to write the poor boy ^_^ It'll be very interesting to see how he takes it, heh.

oh wait... haha. I just noticed I have the pride necklace sitting on my desk. Oh well, I'll write it anyway.

humm... tired. I may wait until morning to write the letter. I'll see...
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