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Friggin ... *grumble grumble*

It seems like I have to reconfigure my internet connection on a regular basis anymore, and not once can it be as simple as 'plug and play', even in windows.

While my brother was at Office Depot last night he bought a D-Link DWL-G510 wireless PCI adapter. The first problem was whatever genius decided not to put Windows 9x drivers on the installation CD. To fix that I had to download them on the business computer and copy them to this computer, but that couldn't be simple either because I couldn't find a floppy disk and the CD burner wasn't working. Finally my sister let me use her flash drive and I copied the drivers for windows and linux over here.

Even then it couldn't be simple. I finally got the 9x wireless utility working, except it refused to connect to our router, so this morning I called tech support and they blamed it on the "Network Everywhere" router for having different RTS and frag settings, among other settings, and said to call them. *grumble grumble*. What!? No! I changed the channel to 11 and made a few other adjustments, and finally Windows connected to it.

Finally back in Linux I have the drivers installed, but I can't find the wlanconfig tool I need. I restart back in windows and go hunting, but according to everything I can find the tool is already included in the drivers. Upon restarting back into Linux, during the startup, the hardware wizard (kudzu, heh) says "Athe something hex-numbers-00ffaa (or something) removed. Would you like to remove configuration?" and then says "Athe something hex-numbers-eeff99 (or something) added. Would you like to configure?" .... I have no idea what it's up to but afterwords it connects to the wireless router so I let it slide.

Still not content, linux can't seem to detect the DNS servers so it's using whatever the router is using which, by the way, is extremely slow. I spent the next twenty minutes or more hunting the internet and Earthlink's site for their DNS numbers, or even the IP for the DSL modem. I finally stumble on it and tell Linux "use these IP numbers".

And after all that, I finally internet access on here again.

Oh, and during all this I found out my CD/DVD R/RW drive is having the same trouble the business computer's cd r/rw drive is having. Luckily I still have my old regular cd/dvd drive, but that still means I can't write cds or dvds anymore. Frickin' sucks.

Oh well. I'll figure something out eventually. I need to unwind now.

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