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Annual Ornament Swap

My brother, sister, and I went to an ornament swap tonight at one of our former next-door neighbor's house (they now live a couple of blocks away).

An ornament swap basically consists of each person bringing an ornament in a bag (or box) and putting them on a table. People talk and some snack food is provided for everyone to munch on while all the guests are arriving. Once everyone is ready numbers are put in a hat/stocking/box/whatever and each person that brought an ornament takes a number.
The person with number one picks an ornament and opens it, then shows it to everyone. Then the person with the number two can either 'steal' the first persons ornament or open a new one. If someone gets their ornament stolen they can't steal it right back, but they can steal someone elses or open a new ornament. Each ornament can only be stolen three times before it is considered dead and no one else can steal it.
After someone has gotten a new ornament the person with the next number either steals an ornament or gets a new one. This continues until everyone has gone. This year a new rule was added where the first person that went gets to go again at the end. This didn't actually happen this year so I don't know how the mechanics of it would work, but I assume they would 'swap' with someone and if that person didn't like what they had then they would 'swap' with someone else until someone likes the ornament they got.
After the ornament swap has officially ended some people unofficially change gifts.

This brings me to what actually happened tonight. There was a drag there named J.K. who brought along a friend named Matt. Well, said friend happened to be rather cute. One of the ornaments were affectionately named "fuzzy balls" because they were ornaments with fuzz on the top of the glass balls. Immediately after he got them they were stolen from him, and then a couple of people later stolen back. When my turn came around I stole them from him again, which officially made them 'dead'. Now, the entire reason I stole them was to have a reason to talk to him later. Very self-centered and pathetic, I know, but I needed an excuse.
I was going to simply swap whatever he had for them, except by the time the official part of the swap was over, he had something his friend wanted so he didn't have anything to swap for it. They went out to smoke and my brother and sister were ready to go, except I didn't want to go since if I kept the fuzzy balls they would just become a symbol of my hopes. That's not something I really wanted to keep around, no matter how sentimental it would be. So, I opted to stay and they said several of the people in the group lived very close to us so they could easily bring me home. After they left J.K. and Matt started saying their goodbyes so my staying kind of became a mute point as far as I was concerned.
As they were leaving I walked out with them and told Matt he could have the fuzzy balls and that the only reason I took them was to give myself an excuse to talk to him later.
This is when J.K. said something like "When I first saw you I knew you batted for our team." My reaction was "Oooookay" because I had never heard anyone actually use that expression but it gave me a sense of "Yay, I actually had good gay-dar for once!", however I didn't actually say anything and just let them continue. I asked them where they lived and if they could give me a ride back, which they could. I told our hosts good-bye and that I was getting a ride with J.K. and Matt, yadayadayada

So instead of the Fuzzy Balls I got J.K. and Matts cell phone numbers. They're having a brunch on Christmas and I've been invited. I'll need to call J.K. a few days before so he can write it in his planner that I'll be attending and what-not. I may even possibly get invited other events (or clubbing) with them, which will be good for my social life outside of the house.
One, or more, of the other ornament swap guests are also having a PJ party New Years night which I may also attend.

Yay! =) For the most part, I'm happy. I mean, I would have rathered sit down and have a nice conversation with J.K. and Matt, but that will obviously have to wait. Hmm, I should call them at some point soon and give them the number here in case they need to get in touch with me. And my email address.

PS: After Matt thanked me for the Fuzzy Balls, he said I'm welcome to see them on his tree.
PPS: Before I had given them to him, Matt had the balls to tell J.K. "remember him, he has my fuzzy balls!"

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