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Something in and something out of the box

Why do people try to find that one someone special? Why can't there be two or three or more people that are 'right' for them? I think it's because that's the way we are conditioned to think. From our parents, religion, and the media we hear "find that one special person to spend your life with"

This rant brought to you by too many profiles looking for just that one someone or a one-night stand. Dangit, there's gotta be something in between. Stupid boxes.

On another note:
ergh.... my hands and mind have been increasingly disconnected.

I'll be typing something and thinking faster than I'm typing, and suddenly I'm typing the next thing I was thinking yet didn't type the word between them, or I'll start writing the next word and I haven't finished the first one. It's like my brain is thinking faster than it usually is, cause usually I can write as fast as I think. It's been happening in increasing frequency over the last week or so.

I think if I were drunk no one would understand me, or they'd misunderstand me. That's not a hypothesis I want to test.

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