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Big Ragnarok Online rant

We all like games we can enjoy, right? Then why is it most games aren't all that enjoyable these days? I can't speak for World of Warcraft, but Ragnarok Online has really been sucking lately.

Let's start off with my biggest sore point; Mages. I love mages. I realize they can be slow to work up and are quite defenseless, but why do they have to completely suck? When Ragnarok Online (RO) first had mages when I played during the beta, they were really powerful, probably too much so. It's been like a year or two since they were in beta and I'm just now getting back to playing RO on a private server (since I don't have the funds to play on the official one).

Well, the game designers apparently realized their mages were over powered, and so they completely nerfed them. There's a spell called Soul Strike that used to pwn, so to speak, and it's only draw back is it was a major drain on your SP (Mana), so everyone got it... now that they've nerfed it no one wants it anymore; in fact, everyone advises to steer clear of it. What's even worse is that it's still a major drain on your SP for half the effect.

There's another spell called Fire Wall that, when a monster tries to cross it, it knocks them back. That was really handy for mages because they're really defenseless and they can't take any damage, literally. The problem was the firewall lasted a little too long and was over-used. Now that the designers have gotten their hands on it again it doesn't last long enough; By the time you cast it and then cast another spell on the monster the wall is already gone or the monster has moved so the wall is now useless. In order to make it worth anything again you have to master (completely upgrade; level 10) the skill in order for it to be half as effective as it was when not upgraded. Problem is, Fire Wall requires a lot of pre-reqs just to get to it, and by that time leveling is kind of slow if you're not leeching off someone else.

The biggest sore point of mages though, is that even if a monster isn't aggressive, most of the monsters above level 20 can detect spells being cast on them and go to attack the mage; so unless you have a fire wall (nerfed above), your spell casts really fast (Soul Strike, nerfed above), or someone to tank for you (I don't like the idea of making someone tank for me), most likely you'll never get that spell off before they hit you and stop your cast, soon after you'll be dead cause mages can take very little damage.

The one thing I don't agree with when it comes to thieves (and thus Assassins and Rogues) is why Hide can't work against Boss characters. That's the main thing a thief (and sub-classes) have going for them yet they can't use it against bosses. Virtually every skill any other class has works against bosses. No status effects work against bosses so it's pure defense and power against them; in other words, only swordsmen are really capable of fighting boss characters while everyone else either runs or gets killed. Stupid.

On top of that, the game doesn't provide a lot of alternative places to level, so you have to kill the same things over and over until you can finally handle something else; it gets really boring very quickly. There are hundreds, possibly a thousand or more, monsters in the game yet you're still limited to only four or five at a given time.

I don't care if it's not realistic, I want fun and enjoyable first.
Great, now I have a headache, wound up in knots, and really stressed. It's not like I can play RO to relax either.

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