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Movies, movies, and friends... wait, what friends?

Aww, the local theater isn't playing RENT or Brokeback Mountain. That's a little disappointing because they might have been the only two movies I would see by myself if I couldn't find someone to go with. Still, there's always Aeon Flux and Yours, Mine, and Ours that my brother and probably sister will want to see.

I wouldn't mind if I had someone to invite to go with me to see them, except my sister tends to take offense if I invite 'friends' to go to the movies when she or my brother goes. Look, it's not all about you.

We did see The Chronicles of Narnia last night. It was .... interesting. My sister spent the first third of the movie commenting out loud with general "Stupid idiot" comments and what-not. Sadly, I spent half the movie trying to find the connections to the bible I was told were there. Only vaguely, like any book can relate to another on simple common plots. Although, I thought in one of the previews the ground on the battlefield was split open or something. =\

We also saw Goblet of Fire some time ago while in Florida. It was pretty good. I don't remember if I mentioned that or not. =\

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