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To the people who recently friended me

To whose who have recently friended me but haven't been friended back, please read this. I would just like to explain what's going on and why you may or may not be friended.

First off, lately I've taken to reading my FriendsFriends list almost as much as my regular Friends list, and when I read it I usually scroll back till I get to the last entry I read before. I probably won't be missing your entries even if you're not on my Friends list. If I find your entries interesting enough on a regular basis I probably will friend you back just so I can keep better track of your entries.

Secondly, no one will be missing out on much by not being able to read my locked entries. Virtually all of my entries are public, and the last time I made a locked post was the 20th of November, and before that the 26th of September. One entry every other month or so, in other words.

I think there was more I wanted to say but my memory fails me.

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