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Even dreams have sequels

Have I ever told you about a dream I once had, what seems like ages ago? No? Well, I'll have to try telling at least some of it to you because I think I just had a sequel dream.

These dreams take place around the church on Erie street in New Orleans. I only vaguely remember the last one because of the new one. In the last one, the main event was when I discovered the head guy, let's call him Brother John, was cheating on his wife and on his company. The proof of this was a little journal/diary of his that he kept hidden inside a potted plant. Don't ask how I found this out, but I seem to like watching around corners of doors and through windows. x_x

In last night's dream, though, his construction company was expanding and he had brought a few more members of the church into it, specifically a Brother Welman. Most of the dream happens in one position, a little ways off of the church from a side door next to a dozen or two potted plants and right beside a construction trailer. The dream starts off with following Brother John to the church side door and spotting Brother Welman. He winked at me as we passed but then he was gone from the dream.

Afterwords Brother John went into the church and I stayed outside. He was barely out of sight and I could hear him arguing with someone about funds. He said the workers wouldn't be happy when he cut their wages back, as they weren't making as much as other construction workers but they were making better than retail jobs. The other person, I'm pretty sure it was a guy, yelled he didn't care and to just get the money.

Brother John came out of the church and started going toward the construction office when his wife confronted him half-way there. They started arguing about something and words were exchanged. The only thing I can remember about the argument is that she said "You don't even know who he is, do you?" I'm not sure what she meant but she stormed off and then Brother John noticed I'm there. He somehow immediately knew I knew about the book and ran off to the office to get from the pot, but somehow I knew it was no longer in there; it had been moved to one of the potted plants next to the church.

I went over the plants and started looking through them for the book. I had just found it when Brother John came back with the plant he had had it in before from the office and, seeing that I had found the book, threw it at my head. Then the dream went in slow motion; it wasn't like I could think faster or move faster, but as if all the events were played at half speed and I slowly watched my head and upper torso move slightly to the left to avoid the potted plant hitting me in the head.

It missed me... and then I woke up.

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