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My afternoon lunch social

The lunch social with J.K., Matt, and one of their friends named Julie (Jullian? argh... female, anyway) went well. We went to El Patio and had a decent meal and, for the most part, they discussed people they knew around town and a few other things but mostly I just listened, which was fine by me. Julie actually lives in Dallas now but is in town until Monday afternoon.

Afterwords J.K. and Julie, who were riding together, went to an antique store in the town square where J.K. was picking up a Raccoon fur coat he had ordered for himself. Matt and I, since I was riding with him (Woo!) went to the mall to find a present for his dad since he hadn't been able to find anything yet and his dad's Christmas was going to be happening in an hour. It was here that I found out Matt likes hot pink and pastel green. x_x But anyway, it was all good. I had a nice time following along and commenting on a few items (One store had a chicken that talked; in order to activate the chicken you had to choke it. .... get it? o.o). Afterwords we met J.K. at the antique shop where Matt bought a ... certain something ... for his mom. (I'm not about to, even by remote chance, ruin any gift surprises!)

By this time Matt was going to be late so we all left. J.K. and Julie weren't right behind us so Matt went ahead and dropped me off here before going back to grab a couple of gift bags from J.K. before going to his Dad's place. As he was dropping me off he asked if I had any plans for this evening and, after saying I didn't, he invited me to call him or J.K. around seven or seven thirty to see what was going on since he figured J.K. would definitely be doing something.

Either Matt is very good at not letting on he likes someone (or I'm very dense), or he's just not interested in me. I'm more inclined to think the latter, which is perfectly fine. Really. I just hope I don't come on too strong now and scare him off. Ah, well, who knows.

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