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It's just so late... I really should go to bed. I guess I will after I post this.

I'm doing far too many things at the same time. Just the tip of the ice berg:
Reading A Familiar Dragon (trilogy) by Daniel Hood - Read it already ages ago
Reading On Basilisk Station by David Weber - Read it ages ago as well
Scribing A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan - I need to scribe the third chapter already
Programming a client for Xenocide3001 - Coming along fairly nice. I got Kalak's interest so I might even be getting quick/easy access to the data
Playing Shadowmere, Water Margin, and Xenocide3001 - Not doing much in Xenocide. Mainly just the above
Looking at most males near my age as possible companions - Oddly enough I keep thinking about, err... nevermind O:-)
I need to get some sleep now
Keeping up with about 15 comics - Possibly more coming soon...
Messing around with a SlideShow program - adding a simple file de/scrambler
I really should be in bed...

Ya know, I will. -_-
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