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Let's all go to bed now.

Well, that's the end of the night for me.

I called Matt back at 7:15 or so and he said he would still be at his dads for another 30 to 45 minutes and to call J.K. to see what was going on. I tried calling J.K. next except all I got was the voice mail. I tried calling back about 8 and didn't get anything, so I tried calling back again about 8:30 and left a message this time. At 9 I called J.K. and Matt back and both times I got their voice mail so I just let it be. It's getting late now and they're probably getting smashed anyway. I'll see them again tomorrow morning at the Christmas breakfast anyway, which I will learn that they were too busy getting smash and/or J.K. had gone to mass with his mom like they had mentioned earlier in the day.

I'm actually kind of sleepy now anyway. On the other hand, if I go to bed now I'll end up getting up at like five or six.


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