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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Generation Q: Bullies
I'm watching (or trying to watch; it's not downloading fast enough and they don't provide a way to download and watch later) an episode of "In The Life", a gay news magazine / video thing. The episode is Generation Q, hosted by Staceyann Chin, discussing bully in the system and various gay youth issues.

I find it interesting how these kids react to bullying. A few of the things they describe happened to me in Middle school yet I never thought of them that way. Maybe that's because the thought I was gay never crossed my mind at the time, or that I was an extremely dense child. Either way, I don't recall feeling any of that. Well, I may have felt a little bit the outcast but I just figured that's because I wasn't a social butterfly or a jock or that I was just quiet and smart, and as far as I was concerned I didn't want to be in their crowd.

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