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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Society Sucks
It has become apparent the social skills of those I talk to are quite unusable. Therefore I no longer have Gaim open and am sorry to the two people left on it that I might've still wanted to talk to.

In other news I have been extremely tired lately despite getting ample rest. I have also figured out why I have thought about a certain someone a tad too much. That one visit was the most social thing I have had with anyone near my age in ... far too long. From what I can tell I am just not someone people want to be around. *shrugs* He was most likely only friendly because of the whole church beliefs thing... *shrugs again*

I am thinking a wall of indifference would do so lovely for me, again. When I don't understand something people just leave me in the dark (PATRICK!) yet when someone doesn't understand me they expect me to spell it out for them. Not to mention my parents are really... I dunno. They just aren't someone I can talk to. Never will be either, sadly. How can you talk to someone who doesn't accept who you are and won't let you have a social life, especially if *sighs* you expect them to shove the bible down your throat if you ever talk about those certain aspects of your life.

I need to get my energy back so I can tackle the long list of things I'm doing and especially the things I need to do.

Current Mood: crushed crushed
Current Music: "The Last Goodbye" by Atomic Kitten

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