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Hastings must be out of their mind

Hastings, our local video/game rental and book store, recently raised the price on renting games. It was $5 for 5 days and a dollar credit if you return it the next day. They raised the price to $7 for 7 days with the dollar credit if you return it the next day.

So let's see if I have this right. I can spend $6 on a game for a single day and let them keep my other dollar as assured return business, or I can keep the game for 7 days for the full $7 and even if I only want the game for two nights I still have to pay the full $7.

No no no, look here hastings, that's called a rip-off. I can buy most of the games you offer for two to three times that amount and I get to keep them for a lot longer than two or three weeks. Or I can do one even better and spend that $14 to $21 on a subscription to GameFly and rent at least four to eight games in a month (averaging between $3.50 to $2.60 a game).

Edit to add: What they should do is let people rent a game for $7 for 7 days and give a dollar credit for each day they bring it back early. If someone brings it back late then charge a nominal late fee (a dollar a day) but not this nonsense of an entire $7 for a whole 7 day rental period even if they return it the next day.

You most definitely lost my business. I'll be sticking to the dollar or two video rentals, unless you just went up on those too.

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