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Even dreams won't put out, but they still give adventures and life to lost dreams

Ok, so even the guys in my dreams aren't putting out now (and I don't mean sex). This morning's dream was interesting, though. I mean that in the most 'at least I didn't die' way.

I apparently owned a plot of land in Louisiana where a water corporation used to be that now stood abandoned and unkept. I was down there visiting one of the people who used to work there, talking about various things. The lady was trying to convince me it would be a good investment to re-open the corporation because it had fresh clean water under it, compared to what they were currently getting from the city which was questionable at best. I wasn't so sure about it at first but then I started getting interested in it and gave it more thought.

At this point we (the lady, her husband, and their son) decided to go for a ride so we piled into my vehicle, an old mail jeep (really old). Don't ask me how I did it but somehow I imagined the lady and her husband as black and their son as white. I ... 'm not going to try to figure that one out. But anyway, we drove down a rural road that led past the water corporation land and on to other parts of my mind. As we passed the water corporation I asked the husband if he would be interested in working for the water corporation again. He looked a little questionable so I clarified and said as part of the management. He brightened up and both he and his wife were nearly glowing at the possibility of the water corporation opening up again.

Once we passed the water corporation land we kept going for a nice spring drive and talked about various things. During this time I hit on their son or alluded to us doing things together but he seemed extremely ... shy, reserved, or any number of other things. He would not commit to any activity.

Suddenly we found ourselves having driven right off the road. I turned it back toward the road and managed to get back on the road, but not without ending up back off the other side for some reason. By the time I managed to correct this we were in the middle of the other field going something like sixty miles an hour, now angled to head back for the road before we slammed into the tree line of the field we were in. The road was raised above the field a good little ways so we were more likely to zoom up into the air and go 'plop' right in the middle of the road, no tell what cars were coming the other direction until it was too late. To compensate, at the last moment I turned the car on it's side and let momentum take the rest. The car slided into the side of the road bevel, started flipping over side-to-side, and did a complete 360 before landing back in the right lane of the road. Sure enough there were a couple of cars just beyond the tree line now about to pass it.

I brought the car to a stop at the next field drive-way on the road, made another pass at the son, and then woke up. Dagnabit, it's my dream so let me have the guy! But nooooooo.

Anyway, all in all it was quite an adventure.

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