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pity party dumping; don't mind me; just going to sulk

If I see one more face I can't touch or talk to... I don't know. I'm just in a really bad mood right now and it's being triggered and amplified by looking at other people's lives. What's really bad is that that is what I usually do. I watch people on my friends list. I watch people on my friendsfriends list. I watch people at the store. I watch people walk down the road. That's all I do is watch, and sometimes I want to get involved. But I can't, cause... oh, so many reasons.

I look at a face and I see the life behind it. I see the personality, the likes, the fears, the activities, ... and I want that for myself. But I can't have it, cause then it wouldn't be me. None of it is me, but I don't want anything that is me right now.

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