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Sometimes I think The System has nothing better to do

Ya know, some days I really detest businesses and, in effect, The System. I think these people have nothing better to do with their time than make life more complicated, not less. If they ever actually did something sensible then maybe the world would actually go round. But maybe that's asking too much.

So, my bank lets you check your account online. No big deal there. Except recently I got a notice essentially saying "Hey, we're upgrading our online services; we're going to update the online data three times a day now." My first reaction was "So what, you've only been updating it once every other day before now? What, are you idiots?"

Before we attempt to answer that, let's take a look at two of their other practices with their online services.

The website requires that you change your password every 45 days. While this in itself is not such a bad thing, they also require that you have at least one number, one lowercase and uppercase letter, and a special symbol (basically anything that isn't a letter or number). I no longer try to remember what my password is and just have a script randomly spit out several possible passwords then copy that elsewhere.

Occasionally, while trying to enter the online site, they ask you to confirm your email address for their newsletter. In the instructions it says "If the email shown below is correct, just hit 'submit'." My email address was correct in the first box so I just hit submit and the javascript validation script spits back "email addresses do not match". The heck? I don't want to just enter my email address in the validation line again or it'll send me another "address updated" confirmation email.

First thing I do is enable my web developer tools and disable javascript. Once that's done I clicked the button and nothing happened. So I open Firefox's DOM Inspector and change the submit button to a real "submit" button and remove the javascript validation hook from the button. I hit submit and it returns me to the same page again. I look at the validation script and they're setting a cookie as well. I have a bookmarklet (think javascript in a capsule) that puts a text box at the bottom of the page and, when submitted, evaluates whatever is in it as javascript. So I open the bookmarklet and then copy their cookie code into it, run it, then hit submit again (after opening the DOM Inspector again and making it a real submit button again). I'm finally let past it.

All that just to make sure the deposit I made today made it in so I could pay my hosting bill.

PS (Despite the fact I wrote this after the second paragraph): There's just something very alluring about Ben Kweller, the artist in the song I'm listening to right now.

PSS: Why hasn't Fedora Core (at least version 3) updated to Firefox 1.5? Oh wait, I think I had to install firefox myself. XD

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