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Just the basics, then the real fun.

I just spent the last hour (4am to 5am) fretting over what I'm going to do about my earlier problem with not having enough money to cover all the classes I would be taking. Well, I finally figured out what I'm going to do.

I'm going to drop both of my online (computer) classes. I'll wait until I transfer to the college at Martin next semester and take all my computer classes there. One reason for this is because the computer classes here suck. They're microsoft/windows based and focus more on how to do things that way than anything else, at least from the course descriptions. Not only that, but the course descriptions don't really tell you a lot about what you're going to be doing; the things they mention surely can't take more than a few weeks to cover, so I'm wondering what they're spending the rest of the semester doing. On the other hand, Martin has a lot more computer classes than DSCC has and ones that cover more than just "Intro to Visual C++". It covers the fundamentals of computers, compilers, programming, the system, etc, as well as abstract algorithms for solving various scenarios.

"Id take the windows. ... I just wouldnt go for linux. Its such a minority it eventually might phase itself out." =X
Ahem. I highly doubt 67-70% of 75 million servers/sites that run Linux/Apache are going to suddenly jump ship and join the 20% of 75 million servers/sites that run Windows/IIS. (Statistics from Netcraft's January 2006 survey)

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