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Laptop Purchase; to or not to

With the start of classes, and an English Composition class at that, I've once again become very tempted to buy a laptop. I mentioned this to my sister and she has agreed to try using her credit to help me out here, since BillMeLater, at least at NewEgg, has a 90 days no payment no interest option. I have $90 a week coming in from the business and if I put $60 of that toward the bill I could have it paid off in a little over three months. If I wait the 3+ months to save it up this semester will be almost over by then.

Not only would I like it for school but I'd love it for around the house as well. If I could lay on the couch and work or lay in bed and code, I think that'd be really great. No more slaved to the desk and sitting in the chair to be on the computer.

The desire to have a laptop (it's pretty much my biggest desire, at least as far as monetary things go) and do those things is really warring with my desire not to get in debt. I know I could pay it off but that's isn't really a "smart" thing to do. But I want it! >_<

Poll #655318 Laptop Purchase

So. Is it really worth it, or am I just rushing it?

It sounds like it will be worth it, go for it
It sounds like it will be worth it, but you should probably wait anyway
You're rushing it, just keep waiting
You're rushing it, but go ahead and get it anyway

Pie! (gratuitous text)

*drools over laptop specs*

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