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Something pressing on me...

I think I'm forgetting something, and, as such, feel extremely distracted and disoriented. Distracted by or to what I have no idea. I could probably guess a couple of things, but... *shrug*

My brother and I have finalized the details for payment of work with the real estate investment. I'll be getting $90 a week each Monday up to and including the 10th of April, after which I'll be getting the normal $45 a week.

Math class was really fast. I mean, the teacher went over all the material really fast and neither my comprehension or writing speed just aren't fast enough to keep up with her.

... I need to get out of the house, but even if I could borrow my sister's car there's no one within a hundred miles I could just go "Hey, wanna hang out?" and they'd be available.

Must. Get. Out. >_

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