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And now, The Man I Love, In French. With English Subtitles.

I just finished watching "Latter Days" .... Mmm, was it good. I wish they would have left the graphic scene in, though. I think I'd like to see it again now. I could probably do it without pausing it every thirty seconds now that I've seen it once.

The Man I Love is in French, but it does have English subtitles. That... should be interesting. I watched the "Trailer" for it (it's on the DVD) and it looks really promising. heh

Ya know something I just realized, I probably shouldn't be watching gay flicks before meeting a guy. Nor should I be just starting a movie when the meeting is barely 8 hours from now. I should be sleeping, yeah? Ah, well, a couple of hours less sleep before a shower probably won't kill me. ^_^

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