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Active day...!

I was quite active today. For starters I got an appointment at the chiropractor. That went well, I think. Afterwords my mom dropped their computer off at Picou and made some copies at Office Depot. We got back just in time for my sister to leave for... whatever.

But anyway, Around 1 I somehow started talking with Hannah and my mom. Dunno how but I ended up getting the cleanup in the attic started. We have it about 1/4 or 1/3 emptied out now in only a few hours, despite it being huge and filled.

Chase, as Joseph tells me his name is, came over. He almost got chased away cause Hannah needs to understand her kids are getting a life of their own now ^_^

I'm not sure where about an hour and a half was lost but at about 7 I wanted to go to the library. Found a list of top 100 GLBT books by Triangle Publishers so I found about four I wanted to check out. The thing is my parents had gone out to Wal-mart and didn't get back until eight so... The library closes at 8:30 (really 8:15) so I couldn't make it there, find the books, and all that in only 5 or 10 minutes.

And now here I sit, another hour lost somewhere. My back is hurting since I was the one bent over in the attic moving boxes and such. Hopefully it is only for now cause I have another appointment Thursday.

I think I'll go vacum out the attic now...
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