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Teeth, the horror movie

I feel like I've been screwed three ways before breakfast. Or punched in the face, whichever you prefer. =\

I woke up this morning with one of my (somewhat big) front teeth aching. It was not a pleasant experience to wake up to, especially not to then also start peeing but not quite to the point of wetting the bed, just the clothes you went to bed it because it was so cold. I changed out of those and went to the bathroom to finish relieving myself then looked in the mirror at my tooth. It seems to be pressing against the tooth next to it, and brushing the spot with my toothbrush caused it to bleed a little from the gums (so I went ahead and brushed my teeth completely, with toothpaste). I may need to visit a dentist soon regardless ... except I probably won't be. I don't have the means, money, or even insurance at this point, and any work done will most likely cost at least a few hundred bucks.

On the plus side, it has stopped hurting now. It looks like I'll need braces (I'd prefer to get those clear kind).

PS: A thought that occurred to me: Doesn't every guy dream of a toothless boyfriend? x.x'
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