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I'll have some whine, thank you.

Of course everyone is off. Why wouldn't everyone be off at *looks at clock* 3:30 in the morning. I would have gone to bed half an hour ago myself, except upon walking into my room I felt like I was about to turn into a Popsicle. This did not entice me the smallest amount, so I turned on the heater and came back down.

I'm so bored and lonely. Why do you extroverts get to have all the fun? I'd love to have a chance to have fun without being mocked for not whoring myself to every random stranger or activity I really don't want to do. I also have issues separating friends from lovers, thus I keep lusting after the perfectly straight guys and scare them all away (Or I'm too chicken to go near them in the first place in fear of scaring them away; go me).

Yes, I know I'm being whiny. Many of my most recent entries haven't been and you've all been so quiet lately so I'm letting this one slip past the "whiny = private post" filter.
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