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Another ship in the night; Zap In Space

Sometimes I feel like web comic creators take things a little too far. They act like the world revolves around them and they're the next best thing since [insert favorite comic here]. If you so much as touch them they explode in a ball of "holier than thou" wrath.

I read a comic named Zap In Space. It used to update more often than it does now but the artist has college and other demands so it's only twice a week now. I can live with that; life happens. Well, I have been getting fed up with the way they act about certain things; like bragging about all their "premium content" (uh, does anyone actually subscribe to keenspot/comicgenesis anyway? I certainly don't). Well, in the news today the comic artist got all hot and bothered about "illegal" RSS feeds ripping them off, and then turned around saying "Go download such-and-such song" ... When someone says go download a song, is the first thought that comes in your head illegally or legally? Excuse me, hypocrite.

I've actually taken to emailing my thoughts to comic creators lately (I sent one to Dominic Deegan expressing my displeasure with the last site layout design) so I sent off a rather scathing email to the creators of Zap In Space complaining about the artist's hypocrisy and also offering them an alternative to simply denying any of their readers RSS feeds (make their own, post the news in it, and link to the website like Something*Positive currently does). Well, the webmaster replied a few minutes ago with an even more scathing email and acting like a stick in the mud. "We don't need your readership, we have thousands" and essentially "Go screw yourself" (Actually, what he said was he screwed my mom.... like I care.).

Someone like that aren't the kind of person I like to give my time and attention to. I'm not even going to try exposing the creators' stupidity to anyone (beyond my own journal entry) because their lap dogs fans would never believe it until it happened to them.

Hmm, I seem to have a habit of getting into arguments with comic creators and then stop reading their comic. Well, my comic list has been getting a little long lately (over a dozen comics) so it may be about time to trim it down again. Maybe I'll go pick an argument with a couple other comic artists... No, not really; I'm kidding. I don't have any other bones to pick right now.

Edit to add: I must say, the artist's response was a lot more professional and mature compared to the webmaster's response. There may yet be hope for that comic, heh.
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