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My computer is screwing with me; or maybe it's just me

Will someone please tell my computer to stop screwing with me? (On the other hand, I am the one that made the decision to go ahead with a lower-range power supply when I got the barebones kit)

I shut it down last night since I wasn't idling in any chat rooms or staying on Gaim (AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo). This morning I get down here and push the power button, and it shuts back off within a second or two. ... I try unplugging the CD/DVD-ROM drive and it still won't go more than a second or two. I then unplug the hard drive and try again and, what do you know, it powers up all the way. Problem is, without the hard drive I have no OS or data, just a BIOS. I fiddle with it some more but no luck. Yegads, I'm getting tired of buying things for this computer, it's sucking the life out of the money I was going to save for a laptop.

I'll ask my brother for help on selecting a compatible power supply (don't want to burn the motherboard out next) and see if there's anywhere local I can get it. I don't feel like waiting till next Monday for NewEgg to get around to shipping it and next weekend to install it. I need to get things done, and I need my computer to do anything on! ARGH!
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