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Snow Pictures!

We had lots of nice fluffy snow today but I didn't get any pictures in the light, so I took a few at night. I took more than the three below but I either breathed right before it took the shot (fogging up the lens) or the lens was getting dirtied. So, without further ado, enjoy the head shot and three snow pictures.

This is actually the lost picture I took, but the first one I'm showing. The only reason I even have this one is because I needed an eye color reference to get of some red eye in some other pictures.

Here we have me standing in the yard on the walkway looking 'cool' (not). It should be noted this is the first time I saw snow fall for more than half an inch, and got to actually play in it a little (Some gloves would have helped).

What we have here is a puny little snowman. I didn't have any gloves so I was rather limited in the size snow balls I could make without freezing my hands off.

Lastly, this is where I started to make a snowman before the snow had even finished falling, as you can see by it blending back into the surrounding snow.

Seeing how Tennessee reacted to a few inches of snow, I want a snow storm now. ;-)
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