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I think I can officially be called a freak now.

I think I can officially be called a freak now (or maybe stalker). Earlier I returned a couple of things to Hastings and tall skinny cute guy was there. I couldn't think of any excuse to go over and say Hi and it didn't help that he was talking with his co-workers most of the time I was there. A little bit after I got back here I called Hastings and asked someone who named herself as Robin if she knew if the guy is gay. Of course she said "No" and that was that.

Uh.... Kill me now, yes?

Rob: you get serious points for audacity
Zimzat: Mmhmm, just points, but no medal.
Rob: haha
Rob: no, for the medal you'd have to write your number on his hand
Zimzat: How am I supposed to manage that?

Edit to add: I just (like ten minutes ago) thought about having flowers sent to the store made out to "that tall cute skinny guy" from "a secret admirer" .... o.O
.... no no, that probably would be freaky, and a fast track to getting a restraining order. >_>
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