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Life's Little Oddities (multi-subject post)

Regarding my second to last post ("poll"): I'm rather disappointed in the responses. Nearly everyone freaked out; No one was pleasantly surprised. I feel the love here...

Regarding the last post: Yes, I feel horrible now. I realize I could have really screwed up the guys life if he is gay and wasn't out. I also realize he could very well be jail bait (He's in high school right now, although I would assume a senior). That aside, I'll just have to find better excuses to say "Hi" or see if the girl in my College Algebra class can introduce us (She goes to school with him apparently).

You know what attracts me about him? He seems very quiet, shy, reserved, and I like that. Mmm... Yeah... Those always take a while to open up, if they ever do.

Life's Little Oddities: Why is it that alcohol has to be at every social function and if you don't drink you're anathematized by everyone that does? I have yet to meet anyone who didn't think less of me for not wanting to drink. I also have yet to meet anyone who knows how to socialize or even just hang out without alcohol involved. Except the exes. They wouldn't have made it to first base (What is that supposed to mean anyway?) if they had.
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