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Job Applications

A couple of weeks ago d4b posted in webdev that was hiring a full-time software person. I read over the requirements and realized I was very unlikely to get the position; most of the questions seemed geared toward a thirty-something programmer who has been around since the founding of the internet (or at least an understanding of very old-school terms) and with more 'real' work history than I. Despite that, d4b encouraged me to apply anyway so I wrote up a rather detailed summary and a link to my resume in PDF and DOC format, albeit cutting it very close to the 15th deadline.

Well, last night I got a response back that said they're looking for someone with more experience right now. I do appreciate that they took the time to tell me as much rather than just ignore me. Even if I didn't get the position I can still respect them for that (even if I have no idea who they are, heh).

PS: The other day I got a call from someone who saw my resume on Monster. They wanted to know if I would be interested in a position in sales with a fortune 500 company where I would be working with an existing clientele base 40 to 50% of the time. I asked if it would have anything at all to do with programming or computers and they said no. Uh, excuse me? ... No thanks.

Up next? My brother's job is looking for programmers so I gave him a copy of my resume to take to work with him today. I do hope that turns out better than the Wondermill thing did. If I could get in there, that would be great. My brother says they pay some of their contractors upwards of fifty dollars an hour, and he knows I can code better than some of their current contractors. Let's see if his reference can get my foot in the door.

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