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Things that miff me about web comics

I'm checking up on my web comics and realizing there is quite a list of things they do that really miff me.

  • Not updating when you say you're going to (in excess of an hour or two).
    I can understand minor technical difficulties or when scanners break, but I expect an explanation, dang it.
  • Not listing in a clear and obvious place when you update.
    I still have no idea when Ctrl+Alt+Del is supposed to update (guilty pleasure) and I've looked all over the main page and comic pages. I don't like checking it every night only to find out it didn't update most of the time.
  • Not following the posted update schedule or updating on days other than the ones specified.
    The comic Dungeons & Denizens says it's supposed to update on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, yet half the time I've found it updating on Wednesday and Sunday or some other odd days not specified.</il>
  • Miss an update or stop updating altogether without giving a reason.
    Quite a few comics I used to read just stopped updating and I haven't heard a word from them since.
  • Going on hiatus every other week for more than a day or two.
    Dominic Deegan has been the biggest one on my list doing this and it really annoys me. I check into the site and find out that 'No, we won't be updating today for the next week' or 'This weekend we won't be updating until next Wednesday' or something to that affect. It's annoying to find a comic I like getting chopped up so much. Is there no way to make a backlog of comics (ie, Schlock Mercenary)?
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