Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Hey look, I got out of the house for once

(This entry was originally written on the 17th. It's being posted a bit late, obviously, but I need to get it out of my draft folder. I could simply delete it, however I don't think it deserves that fate)

Hey, I actually got out of the house on my own for once, even if all I did was walk just up the street for thirty to forty-five minutes.

A couple of weeks ago a new cafe opened at the corner of my street and I've been meaning to check it out but haven't whether it was classes and school work or just no desire to get out of the house. Well, I finally got the guts to walk out the door and check it out. I went over and had a nice meal of shredded chicken and gravy, green beans (with a few too many strings so I left most of those uneaten), sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, strawberry cake, and of course the obligatory bread roll (really it was a muffin of bread that puffed way out of the muffin pan). About half done and hadn't even touched the roll or cake I was already starting to feel full. Well, with the green beans out I somehow managed to eat everything else and 1/3 of the roll. Oh, man, I'm stuffed now, and all for four bucks. Not bad.

I wish it was more like the Starlite Cafe in Gonzales, but it was alright/good still. They already need to expand, though, cause they were full the entire time I was there and there was very little room to walk around without bumping into someone (ha! The waitress spilled some guy's drink on him. When he left it looked like he peed himself :-D)

I also got my first taste of just how much this town is orientated on the "everyone knows everyone" theme, and... well, let's just say if you didn't grow up here you aren't in the loop.
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