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I may wait a little longer for the Nintendo DS

(I started writing this one yesterday... but then went to bed or something. Oh well)

This was going to be a post about me being tempted to buy the Nintendo DS since I have the funds (albeit not by much), however I'm not too happy that it can't play GameBoy / GameBoy Color games. The only games I have right now are for the GameBoy and not GameBoy Advance, and the only games I can think of getting right now for DS is Mario Kart (WiFi play) and maybe Animal Crossing (I don't look forward to the cost of getting any of the games). I suppose I could get Harvest Moon for GBA, but I don't really have the funds to get much more than the system bundled with Mario Kart. That kind of expense with only one game will probably keep me from getting it until the DS Lite version comes out. Oh but it's tempting...

On the other hand, getting Linux running on it is promising. If I could port a TI-86 emulator into the DS that would be pretty sweet.
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