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All the cute ones are straight and all the gay ones are flaming.

All the cute ones are straight and all the gay ones are flaming. This is brought to you by a cute guy at the community college who I would have pegged as 20-25 actually being 29 with a wife and two kids.

After math class Wednesday my sister 'dragged' me to help a friend of hers with a computer problem he was having. He needed to record a message in French for his teacher and, for whatever reason, the computer wasn't recording. So I got in there and opened the program he was trying to record in. I told it to record and tapped the mic... nothing. The first thing I asked was "It is plugged in, right?" to which he said yeah.

I looked down at the connections anyway and suspected something didn't look right. The two cables were plugged into the second and third slots, however it's usually the first and second slot that are for sound and the third one for line in. Well, I was right but not exactly. The first one was for the mic and the second for sound out (my computer has those the other way). While technically the computer could record from the Line In, it was easier to just re-plug the mic into the mic slot. Changed slots, told the program to record again, tapped the mic, and voila.

After my sister and I left the building I comment "I think it's needless for me to say he's cute." to which I learned he's 29, married, and has two kids. Oh well.
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