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A Dentist may be in order soon, if I can ever afford it

The down side of all this spending is that I think I may need to get at least one of my wisdom teeth pulled soon and also braces (preferably those clear ones, ya know?). I really can't afford that right now. "What do you mean you can't afford it? You just spent over a hundred dollars on non-essentials and are threatening to spend at least another hundred on a bed!" Well... my sister's price quote on getting two wisdom teeth pulled was $800 and that doesn't include the braces.

I've had the misfortune of getting a sore on one side of my mouth (in the gums) and I've apparently bitten into my cheek on the other so now I keep biting my cheek whenever I close my mouth. It's really annoying to have your mouth agitated so much. I think my teeth on one side also feel a little pressure from who-knows-what (hence the wisdom teeth likely needing pulled).

My mouth is not a pleasant experience right now.
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