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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
An example of what happens when you don't do what the mainstream does
See, here is a fine example of someone thinking less of me for not drinking. Let's not forget the fact that I'm underage and therefore illegal for me to drink.

Kyle: Well your aversion to alcohol is a little uptight
Kyle: of course I can understand you not smoking
Kyle: Have you even tried it?
Zimzat: No, and I have no intention to. I have no intention to try weed, crack, or any other drug too.
Zimzat: Nor do I have any intention of trying sex with a girl.
Zimzat: I'm sure I could always try Russian Roulette. I'm sure that would be fun.
Zimzat: A real great social lubricant, yes?
Kyle: well that seems a bit like you don't like trying new things

PS: The Kyle mentioned here is not the one that is friends with a_pqh_existence or myownmemento.

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a_pqh_existence From: a_pqh_existence Date: February 25th, 2006 04:40 am (UTC) (Link)

i, for one, am proud of you.

i'm not big up on those vices either.

i mean, admittedly i hav't been as clean as that, but it's all kindof worthless anyway.
From: demonfeed Date: February 25th, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC) (Link)

Okay, heres a second opinion...

As far as drinking goes... Ive drank. Your not missing much. What happens is you drink alot, you start to get a little tipsy, you forget your manners and your natural tendancy to be shy and start spouting out what your thinking, as your mind slowly starts to decay and your barely able to speak let alone think in complete sentances. You laugh at stupid shit, you talk to stupid people, you realize that your drunk and you act even more like an idiot, then you wake up and feel sick 3 times longer than you felt good, and if you had lunch, you barf it up. In small doses, you open up a little bit, but the stomach thing still kicks you in the ass later.

Case in point:
Your not missing much.

As far as weed goes... Erm... Personally, I like it. The downside is the people you have to get aquainted with to get it, and the last little "supplier" I had turned into a total psycho who ended up trying to knock me unconcious with a barstool while me ending the whole thing by knocking her and two of her friends out after they broke into my apartment while I was sleeping. Eh, pros and cons? You get REALLY out of touch with reality. Basically, it dulls your senses and your less aware of things that normally bother you. If you want to duplicate it, dont sleep for around 35 hours, do alot of stuff that makes you tired, then try to get yourself to do something you have to do but dont want to do. When you start staring at your hand wondering why it feels like your suddenly made of rubber, youve just about nailed it...

Oh, and your eyes turn red, you get hungry, and with me personally, I fall asleep. Still, Its been almost 2 years since I smoked *well, consistantly smoked* any weed, and no negative effects yet. Still, it IS illegal and you can go to jail for it. And you can also get killed in the aquisition of it.

So there you go. Drinking and pot for you summed up by a guy with too much time on his hands.

As far as your opinions of it, you dont have to try what you dont want to try. Just... dont come off as easily upset by the thought :P Alot of people are into that "Ill try anything once" crap. Basically, in their mind they are thinking you are missing something because you havent tried it. Its not a personal affront to you, its usually just someones attempt to get you to do something so you both have something in common, whether they intentionally mean it that way or not. If youve smoked pot, you can talk to someone else who has smoked pot about smoking pot. You may be an idiot about it, but at least you can identify. Just remind people that its not something you want to do, and you would rather not. Also remind them that if you WERE to go with them to a bar or something, that gives them an excuse to get totally plastered and they have someone who probably wouldnt mind being a designated driver.

Eh, anyway, no ranting on someone elses journal, hoping to be helpful, if not, the intention is there. I promise.
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