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Ugh... so much annoying pain.

My mouth is starting a revolt against me. In the least, it's making my day very uncomfortable.

So, the sore on the left side acts up whenever I eat something. The spot on my cheek on the right side is swollen so much that it looks several shades redder than the rest of the cheek, and is quite enlarged. Add to that the lower right side of my teeth are in pain right now, whether from the swollen cheek, possible cavity, or the wisdom teeth pushing them. I also haven't been able to close my mouth all the way the last few days because it causes pressure on the front / side teeth. To top all of that off, the tip of my tongue feels raw like I burnt it, although I have no idea what I've eaten lately that could have burnt it.

On a side note, anyone in Dyersburg or the surrounding area want to learn ballroom dancing with me? It's a 6 (8?) week course for Friday nights. It's only a $100 per person and I think there's a couples discount, but can't find reference to it at the moment.
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