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Hastings; Ella Enchanted; Trick; Health and Human Services Department; Ballroom Dancing

I actually made it to Hastings last night, even if my sister said "I don't feel like it... sound familiar?" (The frick is up with the drama around here?) and I had to borrow my brother's car. I browsed for a while, didn't see three of the six movies I was considered, but did get Trick and Ella Enchanted.

I started watching Ella Enchanted first and it's really good, for a really short movie. The only problem is that the disk is really scratched up and thirteen minutes into the movie it started skipping and freezing from so many large scratches. By the time the movie got really good it was skipping and freezing every five seconds. It was really hard to enjoy while I waited a minute at a time for it to play the next un-scratched second 45 minutes into it. I'll be taking it back today and scolding them for letting a disk that's so scratched up out of their store and ask for a replacement. I really want to finish watching this movie.

Once that one was officially ruled "unplayable" I watched the rest of Touch of Pink (good, but a little flawed. I enjoyed it none-the-less) and finished off with Trick. Now there's an interesting movie based entirely on random chance, fate, and pure optimism. Ok, it inspired me to be a little more bright about things so it wasn't all that bad. Plus, the main character is a real boy-next-door cutie.

I'm going to try warming up for the next few minutes under the covers (hopefully I won't fall asleep) then call a cab to go to the health and human services department building and seeing about some health insurance or something so I can go to the dentist. After that I plan on going by the community college and signing up for the ballroom dancing class (Still no takers on that dancing offer?). From there I'll see about a dentist appointment for the earliest possible time, although where I'm not sure yet. I know iceraver recommended one just into Missouri but that's a bit far for me. We'll see (and which one will take the health insurance I can get at the government place).
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