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An old friend revisited

Once upon a time I had a friend named Scott Roussel. My sister and her friend introduced us wee many years ago when I was in first or second grade. He lived just a few houses up the street from me and we quickly became very close friends. He was actually my only friend until I went to the public middle school.

Then one day his parents split up and he moved away. We kept in touch for a while and hung out when we could (usually every other weekend or so). His mom moved to Texas and his dad stayed in Louisiana. For a while he lived in Texas with his mom and new step-dad and I rarely heard from him. Then he moved back to Louisiana with his grandparents and I heard a little from him for a while.

The last I heard he was in a band, and had gotten quite mature and tall. My sister still thinks his eyes are ... very interesting. I think she just liked him a little more than she's willing to let on.

It's been nearly four years since I've spoken with him. He's about 20 now. I'll be 20 soon, and then he'll be 21 on November 3rd. I wonder how he's doing. I hope I get to speak with him again some day.
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