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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
I think I figured out why I get so much MySpace spam. See, I didn't log into MySpace for a while last night so I didn't get anything, but then I logged in this morning and soon after I received some more spam. The key here is that when I logged in I got put back at the top of the list of recently logged in people, thus targeted for spam. So every time I logged in to mark the most recent spam message as spam I would then get more spam. hah.

PS: I did a search for gay males within 10 miles of Gonzales... there are a lot more gay people listed there than here in Dyersburg. Go figure. (Did I start a gay movement all those years ago in high school? o.O haha)

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: "Stick Around" by Swirl 360

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