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Free iTunes redemption code

Would anyone like a free iTunes redemption code?

Several months ago the local theater gave us a "Go Guard" card with a free iTunes music download. I wanted to get the song "Somebody to Love" from the Ella Enchanted soundtrack so I finally completed the offer and got the redemption code. I followed the instructions and went to the iTunes site while in Linux only to find out that I had to have the iTunes software (load of bull) and could only get that from in Windows or on a Mac. I restarted the computer and booted into Windows to try again. After I finally got to the download page for the iTunes software I find out it will only run in Windows 2000 or XP but I only have Windows 98 SE. So much for that.

Now that I think about it, I wouldn't have been happy with the download anyway. If I recall correctly all their music is in their proprietary music format which I'm not sure MPlayer/Amarok could play, although I doubt it couldn't/am pretty sure it couldn't.

Ahem. Anyway, anyone want it? damnitnicole? romeohotel? Anyone? First come first serve. Offer available until December 1, 2006 (not that I expect it to be unclaimed for that long).

Update: Claimed.
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