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Mornin' Sunshine

It's quite early for me. Normally this is about when I'm going to bed, but somehow I went to bed last night, about midnight, and woke up a few minutes after five this morning. I had only set the alarm for five-thirty, ya know, so my body didn't need to wake me up before it ever went off. Oh well, I guess that precludes my body feeling too tired for getting its sleep interrupted.

I have an appointment with the TennCare people (health care financial assistance, even if the buggers won't pay for dental work, which more than qualifies as "health" in my book) in about an hour. My sister plans on going with me and seeing if she qualifies. I doubt she will because she doesn't have any outstanding medical bills. See, you have to get in debt before they'll help you out, great eh? A little pre-emptive medicine would go a long way with today's society.

I'm rambling now so I'll just be going. I need to get this toothbrush (and toothpaste) out of my mouth anyway.
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