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Small update for now; mood swings; visitation

So.... life is interesting, to put it mildly. I've been doing great for the last couple of weeks but then it all just sort of collapsed last night. On the plus side, Todd and I worked through that and we're still on track. We're not technically "Boyfriends" right now but we are "In a Relationship". I think I can handle that.

As most of you probably have figured out, I was at Todd's dorm from Monday evening to Wednesday afternoon. I've already forgotten most of the things that happened (well, some of them anyway, like what we did the first evening). Wednesday morning I straightened his room and last night he did laundry so that's all good. It wasn't really bothering me, but it was something I felt like doing cause I could. I also got to play Kingdom Hearts, which he found very amusing with how persistent I was at beating Riku and the other three fighters 3vs1 on Destiny Island (the very first part of the game). In the end the score was me 3, Riku 47 (The first time I beat him was after 1-45).

He's supposed to be visiting here pretty soon this afternoon so I'm going to take a shower now.
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